Designing a logo is not rocket science, anyone can design a logo but not everyone can design the right one and that is very rightly said by David Airey. A little bit of attention on the details and you will have a winning design on your hands. So, what should you pay attention to?

  • Relevance: A couple of questions when answered will clue you in on whether your design is good or not. Is it relevant to your business and how well does it relate to the services and products you offer?


  • Originality: While in some places it is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, this is a field where this will not hold true. It is best to come up with a unique design that will support and separate your business from its competition.


  • Versatile: There are many places your logo will be used like Billboards, visiting cards, social media, television and so on. However, your logo should be versatile enough to be used everywhere without losing its details. It is important to make it scalable.


  • Memorable: If we talk about a logo that is timeless then it must be Disney! They have absolutely nailed the logo and it is relevant even today after so many decades have passed by. A logo will not be changed during the lifetime of the business; however, it should be timeless and memorable at the same time.